best wall color with brown leather furniture

best wall color with brown leather furniture

- [presenter] do you everlook at cake decorating on instagram and think,"god, i could never do that." well, guess what, yes you can. buying a professionally decorated cake can cost hundreds ofdollars, it doesn't take that much extra effort or talent to decorate your own cake at home. we're gonna teach you fivereally easy decorating styles to zhuzh up your next cake.

honestly, like cake, it'sa really tangible way to show people you love them. first things first, we have to prep our cakes to be decorated. get a little icing, securethe board on top of that, and start building our cakes. all you really need to do is plop a good amount of icing down first, more than you think, honestly.

you don't have to worryabout it being perfect, you could pipe it on if you wanted, but i dunno, it's not reallythe biggest deal in the world. and then, for the toplayer, you're actually gonna put it bottom side down, that's a lot flatter and we want a really sharp edge to our cake. you might have to move it a little bit to make sure that it'stotally level on all sides,

and then put a wholebunch of frosting on top. i like to take the back of my spatula and just dab the icing onto the cake. and then you're gonnause the offset spatula to flatten out the sides,and get off any excess icing. this is your primer, ifyou will, on your cake to ensure that the finished coat is gonna go on really nice and smooth. as you can see, there's crumbs

that kinda get caught in the mess, and that's why it's called a crumb coat. we're gonna chill that untilwe're ready to decorate. to make this job really easy, all you need is a piping bag, a spoon, an offset spatula, you know i love 'em, a cake board, and a rotatingcake stand, if possible. lastly, you'll need a rosette piping tip. not all of these tools are necessary,

i mean really all you needis a piping bag and a tip, but they make the job a lot easier. first things first, we'regonna put the piping tip into the bag, then turn it right around and put the bag overyour non-dominant hand with the top of the bag kinda folded down. and you're gonna use your thumb, actually, to help scrape off the extra icing. put the top back up and squeeze it

in-between your thumb and your hand, and that's where you're gonna have all the pressure coming out of. so, a lot of people want to press down in the middle of the bag, and it actually gives a lot of uneven pressure, and that's not what you want to do. it's actually a lot harder, as well. so, when you're making your rosette

you start in the middle,apply even pressure until the end, and justcurve around really easy and at the very end, when you're trying to make the edge of your rosette, you just flick your wrist a little bit, wrap it around, and release that pressure. you just kind of quicklydismount, if you will. oh, dismount, that's a good word for it, yeah, you dismount!

and the first few that you do, they're gonna feel kind of awkward, you're gonna have some thatlook better than others, but i will say just go for it. to fill in those holes thatare naturally gonna be there, all you need to do is justput the tip down in that hole, apply a little bit of pressure, and then kind of flick your wrist so it almost looks likeit's part of a petal

of a nearby rosette. the reason why the rosette cake is great is you really don't need to be perfect, it looks so cool when it's done. it's so elegant, it's really, really easy, it's just one piping tipwith one icing color, next thing you know, it looks like you've been doing this for years. so, to start the ombre cake,

you're gonna take the darkest color and pipe it around the bottom. put two thick layersof icing on the bottom and then do two stripes of the next color. just choose whatever colors you want, you could do from a dark blue all the way to a really,really light blue. we're going for more of a sunrise look, like a tequila sunrise iswhat we're calling this cake.

i'm gonna top it with white, it's gonna be a really nice gradient of colors. this tool is a benchscraper or a dough cutter. you can drag it right alongthe bottom of the stand itself so it'll be really, really level. if you want a really cleanstripe you can start here, but we were going forthat gradient ombre look so now we're gonna usethat excess frosting and go up, go down, go ina few different directions

so that you're really getting a good mix of all of the colors together. the fun thing about this is, honestly, anyone can do it, it's so easy, and you really just haveto know when to stop, like, that's usually my problem is that i just want to go and go and i have more fun with it. we're just topping it with a little bit

of crushed graham cracker andan umbrella, because we can. just play with it, that's the fun thing about decorating cakes isthey can be kind of kitschy or elegant, or whateveryou want them to be. i think we really just need a vacation, that might be why we went with the sunset. we're gonna show you how to make homemade buttercream succulents. and for dyeing your frostingwe recommend using gel colors,

they're just a little bit more saturated. we're going for kind of a darkgreenish-gray kind of color. i'm using some green,a little bit of brown, and a little bit of blue. a little goes a long way,so start with a little and you can always add more. alright, so i've got the green, i'm also gonna use a little bit of pink for these succulents, and so this is,

i don't know, what tip is this? oh yeah, it's a petalnozzle, yep, that's it. this one's great for makingroses and succulents. and what we're gonna do is put a stripe of pink down one side of the bag. and, similar to the ombre cake, it doesn't have to be perfect, just get it in therefrom right to the start of the piping tip, all theway to the top of the bag.

and we're gonna fill in therest with the green color. and again, i'm gonna use my thumb, here, to scrape off the icingwhen it gets into the bag. we're gonna twist, makesure there's no air bubbles, and set that aside while yougrab some parchment paper. so, just a little squareis what we're gonna use to make our succulents on. and you're gonna just test the icing to make sure that the color is coming out

the way that you want it to. kind of schmoop schmoop, get it out there until i'm happy with the color. a new piece of parchment, and i'm gonna make a mound of icing in the middle and then do an x shape over that. and then you're gonna do little c shapes all around that x that you made. do a quarter turn in-between each one.

when you're trying to dismount that icing i think it's better to go downinto the parchment itself. and then just keep going until you're happy with thesize of that succulent. with the same nozzle you can play with it and create different shapes. so you're gonna turn the bag to ensure that the pink side's kind of on the top of the nozzle when it's coming out,

and you're gonna go in a loop motion, turning your parchment around and going in theselittle loop, loop, loops until you're all the way around. and just keep going upuntil you have a beautiful, unique little cactus, like this. you can just buy a beginner's piping set, all of the tips we used here are kind of the standardones that come in there.

if you're nervous aboutspending much money on frosting, and you stillwant to practice your piping, in culinary school they used to have us buy powdered instant mash potatoes and practice with that. top tip, you heard it here first, don't take it tooseriously,1 just have fun! and then, while those arechilling in the fridge, we're gonna assemble our naked cake.

so this one's really cool and it looks really elegant and isridiculously easy to do. similar to our crumbcoat, you're gonna take a bench scraper andscrape off all the excess. you're gonna really push into the cake and get as much icing off as you can. so it's gonna look, you know, naked. they're very trendy right now, very in. and then you can startputting on your succulents.

so these came straight out of the freezer, so that they're really easy to work with. it looks very intimidating, and you may not want to try it because you think people will think your piping's not good, but the point of thisand why it's so great, is that there's so much on there and it's just like anoverwhelming, beautiful, gorgeous, unique cake that you don't see everywhere,

and you should just go ahead and try it. now, for the drip cake,very dramatic and elegant, and also very on trend. you make a really simplewhite chocolate ganache and then dyed it thisreally gorgeous blue color. you pour the ganache infourths along the cake. so the cake's reallycold, the ganache is warm, and i'm pouring the warmganache onto the cold cake, it's gonna kind of set as it goes.

i'm just gonna use a dinner spoon and kind of coax theganache in the direction that i want, to make sure that it's pooling down the side of the cake. you could use a piping bagor a little squeeze bottle to do this, but we thoughtthis is a really organic, natural way, as well as not really needing a ton of extra equipment. you could top it with anything,

candy, macarons, or just leave it plain, it looks really gorgeous witha clean, shiny top, as well. mirror glaze is an absolute show stopper, do not be intimidated, you can do this. you just have to be prepared, so make sure you have all your mise en place ready, because you do have to work quickly with this glaze. to make sure that it'sreally, really well mixed,

we recommend using a stick blender. if you put cling film on the top that can help get ridof any extra bubbles, but as you can see some remain so you want to get out as many as you can. the ideal temperatureto pour the mirror glaze on top of the cake is anywhere between 90 to 96 degrees fahrenheit. the most important things about

doing a mirror glaze is one, making sure that it's frozen solid, and two, making sure that it's as smooth as you can possibly get it. the glaze is warm whenyou're pouring it on, so the cold cake will help the glaze set really nicely on the cake. take an offset spatulaand do a little schmoop! and then it reallycompletes that marble look.

and this is the fun part, it's when all of the hard work pays off and you just get to watch this mesmerizing process take shape. 'cause we just can't help ourselves we just had to add a little bit of silver leaf to the top as well. most of it will drip off, butyou just want to make sure that you're getting a goodmix of the two colors.

hello! oh my god, that's so cool! every occasion, every party, has a cake, and this is just a few helpful tips to help you make yours really stand out at your next event. so all the care, all the effort, all the fun creativity thatgoes into making these cakes, don't be afraid to eat them in the end,

that's the whole point, that they're something great to look at but also something great to eat and enjoy with your loved ones. really though, what areall those damn tips called? - [man] tips! - [presenter] no, butall the different styles, like, i don't know, the onethat makes a squiggly bit? i don't know, like, whether the--

(laughs) i don't know the names of the tips, i just buy the mixed fiveof them, i don't know!

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